Long Creek Herb Farm Garden on a Rainy Day

The Herb Shop where I sell my books and products when we have tours.

Gazebo and one of the several gates to the garden.

A lightly rainy day in the garden today gives the plants a happy, unusual color. Glad for the rain.
Some of the culinary beds.
A momma bluebird watches me take photos.

Two of the 12 varieties of basil we have this year.
These lilies are wildly fragrant in the late afternoon.
Cool place to sit under the gazebo.
Yard long beans on the left, rose arbor in the distance.
Various pepper varieties in foreground, hardy bananas in the background.
Bountiful crop of muscadine grapes this year.

 My Grandma Long's rocking chair, too worn to still rock.

 That's what our garden looks like on a rainy day.

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