Annual Lobsterfest

I don't know if 2 years in a row makes for an annual event, but as far as I'm concerned, it does. Our friends at Bear Creek Farm - Jim and Robbins Hail, and Wild Goose Gardens - Mike and Susan Jones, along with their garden interns, kids, grandkids and a whole passel of friends and neighbors, once again had a big feast in Mike and Susan's back, front and side yards. Following here are some of the highlights, 52 people including 20 kids, 45 lobsters, 40 ears of corn and more pies, cakes, casseroles, salads and other dishes than anyone could count. The lobsters came from flyinglobsters.com, in case you want to order up a bunch for your own back yard get together.
Propane cookers being fired up by Ed and Josh with Robbins supervising.
Ethan Jones gave tours of his cut flower operation, which looked great.
Josh, Ed and Lonnie checking the water temperatures.
Josh Young giving Lobster 101 demonstration.

While the water heats, Liz attacks a salad.
The kids took to removing the rubber bands on the claws quickly and were good help.
Ed pulling cooked lobsters out of the pots.
Lobsters are ready!
Half of the table of food. Desserts came later.

The food line begins.
Ruan, who works with Ethan, ate his first lobster that day. Seems there aren't lobsters in  Sri Lanka.
Debbie Jones made a lobster pinata, Josh is hanging it up for the kids to hit.
Lobster pinata.
Who better than an attorney to explain the rules of the game!
Children, ready to whack the pinata for candy treats.
But what the day was about, more than lobsters, corn, casseroles, gooseberry, pecan or chocolate pies, or anything else, was an opportunity for friends and families to get together and visit. And there was a lot of that that went on!