Ultimate Plant Support for Container Plants

The Ultimate Plant Cage trellis kit.

If you haven't found this nifty device yet, check it out on the Global Garden Friends website. The Ultimate Plant Cage trellis comes as a kit, with telescoping stakes, expanding as the plant grows. This is perfect for supporting plants in patio pots.
Use it with plants like these Little Prince eggplants, available from Renees Garden. This variety is bred especially for patio pots and planters and you can grow lots of eggplants on your patio.

The Ultimate Plant Cage trellis kit comes with everything you need. The collar goes around the base of the plant, the stakes go into the ground to keep it stable and the expandable stakes (that are attached) can grow with the plant.

Global Garden Friends also makes this amazing little clip for attaching vines, roses, whatever, to any kind of trellis. They easily go around the plant, and snap closed. Better still, they can be reused many times so you don't have to use string or twist-ems.

I've been using the Ultimate Plant Clips on my climbing roses, keeping them tied to the arbor. The way they're attached between your finger and thumb, also protects you from the thorns!

The Ultimate Plant Cage is great for anything you grow in pots that need support and the trellis can be reused, moved, adjusted, many times. It will also work in most any size of planter.

When you go to Global Gardening  Friends website and order the Ultimate Plant Cage, enter the special discount code: jimlong at check-out for a special 25% discount on your order, only for people who follow my blog posts. You will love this great kit for your plants!
Happy gardening!

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