C.L. Fornari Radio Show

They always look so innocent.
I'm fortunate, and very grateful, that I receive occasional invitations to be a guest on radio shows. I take those invitations seriously and have never been late, or missed, a radio program. Until this week. However, before confessing my recent transgression, I have to tell you about a near-miss just weeks ago, with another station. I mentioned in an earlier post of being a guest on the Felder  Rushing radio show that airs across the South. I've been on his show several times and it's always a pleasure; he is generous in mentioning my products and books. That day, he mentioned our Frankincense & Myrrh Kits and they've been flying off the shelves every day since.

Felder Rushing

Just 15 minutes before he was to call me for the interview, I received a phone call from one of our employees, saying, "The goats are out and in the garden!!" My garden holds my plant collections, things I have developed, collected or worked with for years. If you aren't aware, goats love the same plants people love, and will eat with wild abandon. I made a frantic dash for the garden and chased, cajoled, begged and pleaded, finally giving up and running indoors, out of breath, just as Felder called to say, "You're on the air." Huff, puff. Barely on time, but successful.

Just two weeks later, last weekend, I was to be on the C.L. Fornari radio show (WXYK 95.1 FM). What an honor to be invited as a guest on her popular show. She is an outstanding speaker on garden subjects, a writer, blogger and all around garden expert, fielding calls from gardeners across the East Coast. I looked forward to being on the show, I even downloaded her photo you see, below, so I could "see" her while we were talking.
C.L. Fornari, Garden Guru

Once again, the goats' mischievous psychic powers took over. We have 12 goats, and when one or more get out of their pasture, one of two things happen: either the entire herd follows, which is the usual occurrence, or a few escape their fence and the rest come to the nearest fence to the house and tattle on the others and keep it up until we come and put the escapees back into their pasture.

Sure enough, I was late for the radio show. I was to be on at 8:05 Central Time, to be on for 20 minutes. I arrived instead, at 8:20, embarrassed and out of breath. Since it's a call-in show where people can ask gardening questions, I briefly considered starting off with, "C.L., I have a garden question. What do you suggest when you are to be a guest on a popular radio show and you have a dozen goats eating your garden?" However I thought that would be both foolish and disrespectful at that point. It was no joking matter, I was late. C.L. had been talking about my books and my website, and giving away some books to callers while she'd been waiting. She was gracious and generously gave me the remaining time left on the show. But I was so sorry to have missed the excellent opportunity she had given me. I hope you will visit her garden blog here.
Culprits, looking so innocent.
But that's life on the farm sometimes. We defend the garden from pests, sometimes even the 4 legged ones with horns and sometimes lose track of time chasing and cajoling. I am fortunate to know such wonderful garden folks like C.L. Fornari who invite me to be on their shows from time to time. The goats are getting better fences this winter. Holiday greetings to all and thanks for stopping by.

Frankincense and Myrrh Kit


Comfrey Cottages said...

Oh Jim! Is there any fence that can contain goats? I was at a friends and saw a young goat easily jump back and forth over a 6 foot fence! I adore goat milk and cheese, but we aren't allowed to keep barnyard animals in town.. although I have two ducks ;^) Happy Holidays

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Goats in your garden is a GOOD excuse. I know that she understood, but gulp, all the others may not have.

Honey, I have been negligent and have NOT sent your card off yet. Jeff has been ill and I have been nurse Ratchett.

Miss you and hope you and Josh are well and happy.

Sending love,