Recycled Corn Stalk Horses

Cornstalk horse, Blue Eye, MO
Fall isn't here yet (thank goodness), but some end of summer garden art is showing up around the country. Some folks in Blue Eye harvested their sweet corn patch and created this great horse from the stalks this week. The horse gets moved around every few days, so it appears to "graze" its way across the back yard. You may not be able to see it (you can click on the photo to enlarge it) but the horse has mane and tail of grasses and even a corn husk "ribbon" on its ear.
Wild corn stalk horse, Dallas Arboretum
This one, above, was on the grounds of the Dallas Arboretum when I visited. It looks like a wild horse, with those big ear of corn eyes.
Same horse from the side.
Note the pampas grass mane and tail. Since this one is in Texas, it has to be a wild mustang. Who wouldn't want that in their garden? Each of the horses are built around a simple stick frame with the corn stalks wired or tied in place.
Metal buffalo.
The buffalo, above, is made of metal but wouldn't it be fun made out of corn stalks?
Bent wood ant.
How about a giant ant, made from cornstalks? It would require a more thought-out frame, but still could be done.
Billy A. Goat, eating corn stalks.
While not as creative as cornstalk horses, this is how we recycled the last of our sweet corn stalks this week. Billy, and his harem of nannies, enjoyed every bite.

I'm not ready to give up on summer yet but it's fun to run across these creative pieces of garden art that show off the slowing down of the garden season, and great ways to recycle corn stalks into something t adorn the garden.

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Saif Malik said...

Jim, it's a great idea to add some meaningful structures into a garden.....I hig.hly appreciate it, please keep it up. Regards, Saif Malik