Missouri State Fair

Long Creek Herbs booth at the Fair
I love fairs, especially state fairs. I've been going to the Missouri State Fair nearly every year since I was 3 years old. This year, because we signed up with AgriMissouri, we were offered a one day booth in the Agriculture building. What a great way to see the Fair! And the AgriMissouri folks were wonderful to work with.
AgriMissouri's store
AgriMissouri, a part of the Dept of Ag, is there to promote farm products and to assist growers and producers. They stocked a wide variety of MO-made products, including our Herbal Nail Fungus Soak, my books, Doggie Cookie and Cat Cookie Kits, etc. The photo, above, was one of the few times the AgriMissouri store wasn't packed with shoppers!
One of the great things at the Fair this year was Rock-it robot. He talks to kids, shakes hands, walks and dances. He dances really, really well! I overheard a couple of ladies say, "that's the best butt I've ever seen on a robot!" Here's what they saw, below. (Do a Google search for rock-itrobot to see more; his painted "skin" turns colors due to a special Chromilusion paint).
Rock-itrobot from the back.
The Highway Gardens are always a place to relax, nap, picnic.

Some things at the Fair don't change. Like teens who take their girlfriend to the Fair. I remember taking Sharon one year, and Mary Ann another.
Young couples, young families, it's a fun place to go.
Fair food. This one sounds really bad. I wasn't tempted.
One very proud papa and one happy son on the Merry-Go-Round.
The future of agriculture.
Highway Gardens drinking fountain.
I've been drinking at this Highway Garden drinking fountain for more than 60 years. I'll probably still be doing that, when I'm the age of these folks, below.
Never too old for the Fair.

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