Michigan Herb Associates

In Michigan for the Michigan Herb Associates annual conference. Today was my bentwood trellis program, tomorrow I'll give "Cutting Edge Plants" then on to Toledo, Ohio for "Eat Your Landscape" program.

I dreaded all the snow up north, but it's actually bare ground in some places and above freezing. Not too bad. Next week, Austin, TX for some warm weather. Photos to follow in a day or two.


Rhonda said...

Love your trellis wor!
We already had a lot of basket and ornamental willows here and after I bought your book (many moons ago) I got busy making my own. I've have been making them ever since.
I guess that makes you the Obi-wan of trellis!

Have a great trip ;)

Jim Long said...

Thanks Rhonda, I'm glad to know that. It's more of a Thai and Vietnamese (and Chinese) plant. The Indian people I know, don't use it. If you'd like to find the source for plants, go to my website home page LongCreekHerbs.com and click on the "Looking for Plants?" button. That opens a page of sources, including one or two for the lime tree. Thanks for your note.

Unknown said...

Hi Jim - It was so good to see you and Josh in Michigan. I learned of new plants in your Cutting Edge Plant presentation - great job! I still have the Kaffir Lime I got from you some years ago. Nice photos of Michigan too! Thanks,