Fun Stuff in the Garden

Gardeners shouldn't take themselves too serious. True, the garden is about food, but it's also about enjoyment. Following here are some fun things I've found in other people's gardens and I'm hoping you might get an idea or find some inspiration. I know I have - I just can't find spaces for all of these ideas!
Balancing stones is an ancient art. You have to use trial and error to find the right spot for the balance.
Built on metal supports the flowerpots in this sculpture are quite large and heavy.

Here's something to do with all your extra flower pots. Flowerpot guy stands at a nursery north of Tyler, TX.
Another very cool thing to do with your extra flowerpots! This is an arch on the grounds of the Antique Rose Emporium, outside Brenham, TX. The pots are strung on heavy wires and wrapped around a metal support. Notice the "bells" at the top of the arch.
How about these in your garden? Round Top, TX, where I visited last week, is the site for a twice yearly antique festival. Tents full of things like this, which aren't antique, but tempting, stretch on for 10 miles or more. How about one of those on each side of your garden gate? Even one of the steers, behind the horses, would look good in a garden.
Or how about a purple fence with an orange cat?
These are stunning rose supports for climbing roses. They are on the grounds of the Antique Rose Emporium.
Happy roosters always look good in the garden.
If you look close, this rooster is made from car bumpers and chrome car parts.
But no matter where you go, or what you see in someone else's garden, nothing is quite as peaceful and inspirational as a quiet little frog who believes his current color makes him invisible.

Happy gardening!


patsy Bell Hobson said...

This is so fun. Sometimes I need to be reminded to think outside the box.

Rocky Creek Valley Farm said...

Loved this garden tour!

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Oh Jim,

I love this playful (but also inspirational) posting.

Thanks dear pal,


Bonnie K said...

Wow! I am in awe of the flower pot arch! That is amazing. Thanks for the tour of Texas. I also enjoyed learning about the Rosemary. The purple fence and the orange cat is quite the find. I appreciate the tour.

Kathe Kline said...

The rooster seemed pretty proud with all those glass "eggs" behind him, but I wonder, where is the chicken that laid them all? ;-)