Best Fall Colors Yet

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Even though the garden has slowed down, we haven't had a killing freeze yet. There is still lettuce and radishes in the garden, lots of kale and mustard greens, too. But I thought you might like to see some scenes from around Long Creek Herb Farm

The Herb Shop today in late afternoon sunlight.

I know this may look much like a photo I posted a couple of weeks ago, but this is from today, Nov. 7. I thought our fall colors had finished, but instead, we have the best colors now that we've had anytime in recent years. Look at this, the maple trees in front of the house.

Native sugar maple with a red maple in the background.

The odd-looking object hanging on the right side of the photo is a wind chime friends gave us some years back.

The road leading to Long Creek Herbs, with lots of colors.
Hillside right before the farm.
Along the road to the farm with lots of hickory and oak trees.
The valley just over the hill from our farm.

You can't quite see the lake (Table Rock Lake) but it's just beyond the line of trees. 

This is the hillside just above the farm, which is out of view because of the trees.

This is taken from a high hill just above the farm. If you can see the line of condos on the right side, that is across Long Creek cove from us. In the upper left you can see more of Table Rock Lake in the distance. 

Red maple leaves in our front yard.

It's exciting to me to have so much fall color when I thought fall was over and done with. Instead this week is the best we've had yet and I just had to share it with you.

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Farmgirl Susan said...

Gorgeous! I can't believe you're still getting such stunning colors. We had 24 degrees weeks ago, and the trees are mostly bare, though we did have more autumn color than we've seen in years. We were surprised, since we figured the devastating heat and drought all spring and summer would have nixed any fall color. So glad we were wrong! :)