Tomato Harvest, Stops Leg Cramps

Veronica and Billy, look how awful the pasture is!
The drought is so wide-spread that we're kind of all in the same boat. Our pasture, above, looks dead. I'm sure it's only dormant and when it does finally rain, will come back from the roots. We've not had rain in 2 months (well, we got 1/2 inch 2 weeks ago but that barely settled the dust). We've had several days above 100 degrees, and when it gets that hot, tomatoes quit setting blooms for new tomatoes. But, here's a picture of what set on earlier.
We're harvesting about 15 pounds of tomatoes each day, mostly heirloom varieties.
Above shows part of yesterday's picking. In the basket are Cherokee Purple, Brandywine, Better Boy (which have the least taste), Champion and a few others. Favorites are Brandywine and Cherokee Purple.
A new zinnia in the garden this year.
The zinnias require almost daily watering to keep them blooming. You almost can't see the grape arbor next to the Herb Shop, for the grape vines!
Bean tipi with Christmas limas and zinnias underneath.
Compass plant (Silphium laciniatum).
Note the compass plant, above. It's about 9 feet tall and one of the tough plants that do just fine in dry weather.
Detail of flowers and leaves of compass plant.

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The pansies are still surviving, looking happy in the Edible Flowers bed.
Here's hoping you have rain on your garden, where every you are!


Carla said...

You guys are getting the heat and we are getting the cool weather. Crazy events across the country.

I love the zinnia! It is one of my favorite flowers. I have a few blooming now, a surprise really with the lack of heat we have right now.

My tomatoes are slow too, but not from the heat like you are having but for lack of sun!

Hope you guys get some rain soon Jim, I know so many of suffering from the drought conditions.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Hi Jim,

Even though you're suffering from the drought, your garden looks great!!

One half inch of rain sounds like so much to me. We got our last rain in April and won't get any until late October or November.

It gets so cool here at night that my tomato blossoms aren't setting. We sure don't get 15 pounds of tomatoes a day, more like 15 cherry tomatoes.

Love the Cherokee purple. Great taste.

I am interested in your leg cramp remedy and will buy some in Minneapolis.

Love to you and Josh,