Herbal Affair Festival Sand Springs

View to the south from the music area.
We've had a booth at the Herbal Affair in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, since the beginning of the festival 26 years ago. The very first year of the festival, thanks to the hard working women who put it together, and the excellent publicity they generated, they attracted almost 10,000 people. Over the years since then, attendance has held at around 20,000 to 24,000.
Buying plants.
Why do people come? To buy plants, specifically, herbs, and goodies for the garden. Everything at the festival has to be herb and plant related.
Vendors set up after 5:00 p.m. on Friday, to be ready for the crowds on Saturday morning. The festival is always the 3rd Saturday in April. To welcome the vendors, the organizers host a buffet of herbal foods, all homemade and donated, for the vendors. It's always such a kind and welcome evening after you've traveled for hours (4 hour drive each way for us), to get to sit down and visit with folks you only see once a year.
Kids of all ages come.

Then on Saturday the crowds start at 8:00 a.m.. They bring their kids, their dogs and they're ready to shop.
Husbands serve as mules, toting the wife's purchases.
They bring their husbands to carry the goodies, too. Or to tend the kids.
 I don't mean to say it's a lady's event. No, it's a great day of family entertainment. Lots of music and dancing on the stage in the middle of the triangle (town triangle rather than town square). Lots of food and activities for the kids. Even kid-sitting while you shop, provided by the city. Plant sitting, as well, so you can leave off your plants and go shop for more.
Food court.
A variety of foods are for sale including Amish (chicken and noodles, homemade chicken salad, lots of pies); Greek foods, and of course, corn dogs (mustard is made from an herb, thus the connection).
Mustard, it's an herb.

A day of family fun.
This is one of the best herb festivals anywhere, attracting thousands of people from many states. People come to buy plants, eat, visit, and have a great day. We here at Long Creek Herbs are always proud to be part of this outstanding event. What do we sell? My books and my formula, Herbal Nail Soak. We have customers who come just to see us and see what we brought this year. Some come to tell us how well my formula worked on their nails.
Our best-selling product with lots of satisfied customers.
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We look forward to the Herbal Affair all year long and it's always an exceptional herbal event! Happy spring.

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