Fall Leaf Colors

Goats in distance with afternoon light.
In spite of the heat and drought of summer, we're enjoying outstanding fall leaf colors. Late afternoon light gives a nice background to our garden here at Long Creek Herb Farm.
The Herb Shop and guest house glows in the afternoon reflected light.
We have a variety of oaks, hickories, elms, ash and maple trees on the distant hill, all showing off brilliant colors in afternoon light.

Even the reds and yellows of the fall marigolds seem to reflect the colors of the distant trees.
The far hill to the east makes a nice backdrop to the barn and gazebo.
Our garden is still producing lots of produce but soon frost will stop everything and the garden will be put to bed. I'll miss growing things but will be glad to see the difficult season be put to rest with hope for a much better garden year next season.
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JoyceP said...

What a beautiful view, Jim! I bet sipping a cup of tea and meditating on that view really rejuvenates you. BTW, I tried making your basic hot sauce recipe with a mix of my hot peppers and did it ever turn out good. Thanks for sharing your recipe!