Pumpkins, Jack-o-lanterns

Jack-o-lantern at KC Ren-Fest.
Once upon a time, Jack-o-lanterns had only a few faces. They either were traditionally carved smiling, or frowning, but not much beyond that. I think pumpkins are being treated with more respect today, and are given a wider range of faces than when I grew up. The one, above, was beginning to soften and the flattening of the face gave it even more character. Think what you could do, carving faces on all these pumpkins on the gazebo, below.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It's a time for creativity, imagination and turning pumpkins into fanciful personalities. It's a reason to have a party, cook, enjoy being indoors.
Punkin in a cage, now that's a great face!
Exotic, odd yet lovable Jack-o-lantern.

An Osage orange even wears a face at Halloween.
A warty pumpkin with gourd horns, still looks lovable.

Halloween provides an excuse to wear these.
Whether you carve them, or make pies, pumpkins are a versatile vegetable, native to the Americas and one of those good-for-you foods. Happy pumpkin carving and happy Halloween!

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