New Plants and Products for 2013

Nursery planting pots made of recycled plastic water bottles.
Going to Garden Writers Association conference each year is exciting because we get a sneak preview of a lot of the fun new stuff that will be on the market to gardeners next year. Probably the most exciting new product I saw was a line of nursery pots, trays and containers, made from recycled plastic drink bottles, from the McConkey Co. You may not realize it, but plastic nursery pots are not, nor have ever been able to be recycled because of the kind of plastic. That means billions of pots and trays go into landfills or burn piles each year. Finally, these new pots are comparable in price to the disposables, and can be completely recycled! Reach them at mcconkeyco.com.
Dwarf, thornless raspberries!
These are amazing. Two new dwarf blueberries bred especially for patio planting. I brought home one to try, you'll love the name - 'Jelly Bean.' Both are long-producing and perfect for the patio. Their new thornless - yes, actually thorn-less, raspberry is also dwarf and perfect for growing on the patio or deck. Fantastic flavor and good producer, too. For info: inquiries@brazelberries.com

The Ultimate Plant Cage comes with little plant clips to hold your plant in place.
This great little product from Global Garden Friends, Inc., is one you'll want if you grow in containers. It unhooks into 2 or 3 pieces, pull it around your patio plant and lock in place. Those little pegs sticking up? Those hold the telescoping stakes. Great little clips come with the Ultimate Plant Cage kit, to train your plant to the stakes.
The whole thing comes in this one package.

I was glad to know what had happened to the Hidden Pot Holder.

Made of metal, adjustable, these last for years and hold saucer and pot firmly in place.
Maybe 30 years ago I bought 3 or 4 Clinger Clips. They work great for holding pots with saucers onto walls, decks, etc. Then I never saw the product again. I had just found one of my old pot holders a few days before heading the the conference, so it was a pleasure to meet the man, Stratton Pritchard,  who had made and sold them. He'd lost interest and quit making the product. Now, retired, he has commenced manufacturing of this nifty plant holder again. I'm glad, because it's the best pot holder I've ever found. You can find information at clingerclip.com. Say hello to Stratton, he's quite a nice fellow.
Octopus-inspired planter.
Notice the twisted "tentacles" at the bottom of the hanging pot.
 And speaking of pots, we ran into these one of a kind pots at a cactus nursery in Tucson. Pretty cool designs.

The trade show contained 87 companies, all with new and exciting products for the garden.
There's more to come, more new plants, gadgets and gizmos for the gardener, to be found for 2012


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