Life and Flowers in the Winter Garden

Copyright 2014 Jim Long
People who don't garden regularly often think that once frost or a freeze hits, the garden is over and done. While that is true of many vegetable crops, there are a good many herbs that just keep on growing throughout the winter. Even though we've had 9 degrees a few times, 8 inches of snow and a bit of ice, you can see by the photos that follow, the garden is alive and well in January.
Comfrey, a valuable healing herb keeps its leaves for much of the winter months.
Yarrow, known for its amazing blood-stopping, wound healing properties looks festive covered with frost.
Henbit, weed to some, healthy greens herb for others, lacy with frost.
Garden sage looks dressed up when covered with heavy frost. The flavor is as good in winter as it is in summer.
If you think mint tastes cool and refreshing in summer, just taste it when it's frozen and edged with frost!
Frost flowers only "blossom" when the ground temperature is warmer than the air.
Moisture from the ground is forced upward through plant stems as the air temperature drops, creating fanciful frost flowers.
So delicate you can barely touch them, they disappear at the first kiss of sunlight.
So you see, there is lots of life in the garden in winter. Go out and look, and don't be afraid to taste the herbs, either. Happy New Year to all!


Linda O. Cunningham said...

Great pictures. Since I live in Florida I am always trying to teach those that want to grow their winter hardy herbs in the kitchen window that they are much happier outside in the cool and cold (to us) weather. More death will occur in the kitchen window again this winter than outside where they are happy. Weather has yet to hit 32 degrees but we have a promise for next week.

laurie nesdahl said...

Love your posts. I started reading your letters in the herb companion a few years ago. Keep up the great work!