Dream Pillows and PTSD

As an author it has been gratifying to me over the past 16 years since this book came out, to see how Making Herbal Dream Pillows has influenced others. I have seen my formulas copied, reproduced, even plagiarized several times, while also bringing joy to others.

One of my readers who purchased my dream pillows kits told me how she takes my Kit for 50 to a nearby nursing home and uses it as an activity for the residents. “The residents love the fragrances of the herbs and flowers,” she said, “and the staff loves having me there because the residents all sleep so well that night.”

Another reader of my book, and customer of my bulk dream pillow blends, told me she had been hired by a pharmaceutical company. She is paid to go to their conferences where she sets up a booth and offers the attendees complimentary dream pillows, allowing them to choose between Restful Sleep, Pleasant Dreams, Romantic or Creative blends. (I wish I had thought of that; but of course I'm very glad for her).
Kit for 50 provides everything needed to make 50 dream pillows.

The most gratifying for me, however, is the lady who read my book and learned about how I had first learned my Restful Sleep formula from a pharmacist many years ago. I had blogged about how helpful that dream blend was for Vietnam Veterans who have flash-back nightmares and PTSD. She began making and giving away dream pillows to soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq and reports great results. Recently she expanded the program, making it a non-profit organization, the American Heroes Sleep Project, in order to reach more returning soldiers and Veterans.
Restful Sleep pillow, 5 x 5 inches.

Her project now has its own website: americanheroessleepproject.org‎, and visitors to the site can purchase dream pillows (also known as sleep pillows) for themselves and a returning soldier who suffers from PTSD, as well.

To read more, my dream pillows blog is: jimsdreampillows.blogspot.com and my dream blends and dream pillows are on my website: LongCreekHerbs.com

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Valentine's Day is coming up and dream pillows make excellent Valentines, too.

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