Renee's Garden Seed Helps Kids

You may not know Renee Shepherd's seed, but I highly recommend them. I've been planting her seed varieties for years. Possibly you saw my article on her company in the current issue of The Heirloom Gardener magazine. If not, I want to tell you a little bit about her and what she does.

Renee is absolutely passionate about growing things from seed. It is her mission in life - teaching others to be successful growing vegetables, herbs and flowers. She carries non-GMO, heirloom and hybrid seed. She has trial gardens in 3 states, making sure every seed she offers in her catalog will grow in a wide variety of climates and conditions. And not only does she grow a lot in her own garden, she cooks with just about every variety, before recommending it to her customers.
Mixed veggie assortments.
She also offers some outstanding seed assortments. Usually I avoid "assortments" because I am stubborn and want to choose my own, so I order lots of seed packets every year and only use a few seeds from each one. But Renee does something really great, I think. Some of her seed comes in what she calls, "Rainbow collections." What that means is, instead of buying 3 kinds of zucchini, as in the photo above, left, all 3 are varieties are in the same packet! Same with red and white scallions, fall or winter squash, beets (as above in the Jewel tri-color beet collection.
This logo is on the bottom left corner of our website home page.

I also wanted to tell you how generous Renee is with kids and community garden projects. She makes donations to garden projects in the U.S. and several other countries, to help encourage people to grow their own food. We at Long Creek Herbs have been working with Reneesgarden.com for 2 years, in a project that generates money for the Health, Wellness, Environment School in Jonesboro, AR (read about that project in the posting just below this one, with photos of the kids and me cooking).

Since it is seed-ordering time, I hope you will consider going to our website and click on the button marked, "Buy Seeds - Help Children." You will be given a code to enter when you order from Renee's Garden Seed. For every $1 you spend ordering seed, she donates 25 cents to the kids garden project!

Renee is also working with the local Master Gardeners near the school with a fund-raiser for the garden, as well.

I hope you will visit Reneesgarden.com and look over the selections. More important, when you place your order, please do it through my website so the kids will receive a donation from Renee, thanks to your seed order.

And Thank You, for helping this wonderful kids' garden project by placing a seed order through my website!


Anonymous said...

contest entry please! Thank you! I love Renee Seeds!

Jan Meyers in Topeka!

Crystal Rose said...

I love Renee's Garden Seeds! The pastel Yarrow grows beautifully here.