It's Electric!

Being without power for a week accomplishes making us all more grateful when the power finally came back on (Tuesday, noon). Thanks to Bill & Betty Daly, we were treated to heat, lights and showers in their comfy lakeside condo. It was like a vacation and very much appreciated.

Some of my seed potatoes arrived this week, and the potato seed (not to be confused with seed potatoes) from Nichols Garden Seed in Oregon, are up and growing. In spite of no light nor heat for days in the seed flats, these little seed came up. Rose Marie McGee at Nichols said she thinks the seed will product 'taters as fast as seed potatoes in the ground so it will be fun to see.

Shortly I'll be posting a page of used herb books I have to sell, along with seed. Watch for news. Meanwhile, with Valentine's Day coming, I've posted an entirely new blog about Dream Pillows with links to stories I've written and more. If you're interested in how Dream Pillows can help people who have nightmares and restless sleep, or how useful Dream Pillows are for giving pleasant dreams or romantic dreams, click on the Dream Pillows book at the upper right of this blog page.

I've been writing about, and creating formulas for Dream Pillows for over 20 years. It's not hocus-pocus, simply working with how our minds perceive fragrance during sleep.

Dream Pillows are made entirely from herbs and flowers. Some of my blends are based on formulas I adapted from books from the 17th and 18th centuries. The Restful Sleep blend was given to me by a pharmacist, the late Jerry Stamps. I was having nightmares and restless sleep over the loss of my children, 30 years ago (the story can be found from the links on the Dream Pillows blog). He made the blend for me and it really worked. It eased the nightmares and gave me better sleep almost immediately.

I even have a dream blend to use if you have guests who just won't go home. It will give them restless sleep and strong nightmares, the very first night. Next day they will be packing their bags and heading home.

All this, from flowers and herbs from the garden, and a lot of fun, as well.

If you want to give someone a Romantic Dream Pillow for Valentine's Day, or anytime, you can order here.

Pleasant Dreams and Restful Sleep to you.

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