Tomato Canning

Heirloom tomatoes of several varieties.
August is the month of garden bounty. We're cooler than usual, 70s and 80s on a daily basis, and benefiting from the over-amounts of rain of 2 and 3 weeks ago. Yesterday I made catsup, something I only make every couple of years. Today I have salsa ready to cook up and can, and another batch of sweet pickles.
Canned tomatoes and a batch of sweet and spicy pickles.
Our WWOOFer, Charles, is learning about canning as well as bread-making. His using the sour dough starter that Josh keeps going and he's mixing up a new loaf of bread to bake later today.
Today he's using the mixer to knead the bread dough.
Charles is working the dough again before letting it rise for a few hours. Then it will be ready to bake. More to come, we have tomatoes ready for cooking up some new batches of things for winter.

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