Herbs and Flowers

Took some time off from garden work to snap a few photos to share with you. The roses have been spectacular. Lots of herbs and flowers are really showing off this week. We're getting ready for our open house June 15, tidying up and finishing the planting.
Valerian flowers.

Mostly I stood in one spot and clicked away in various directions. The first one, at left, is the 6 ft. tall valerian plant in the medicinal bed. Valerian, as you may know, is a good natural relaxant and sleep aid.

Yarrow in bloom, beneath the valerian plant.
Medicinal bed on the right, edible flower bed in the center.
The sages, thymes, lavender, poppies, water iris and lots of other herbs are blooming profusely.
Look at those Egyptian walking onions! They look like a crowd of waving hands. Their little bulbils are already putting out more little onions sprouts and in a month, they'll be tipped over to the ground with bulbs on top.
The valerian is a regal plant. This is looking back toward the herb shop porch and bell tower.
Larkspurs, Sweet Williams and Russian salvias are showing off this week but next week the Asiatic lilies will take over for color.
Vines are climbing to the top of the gazebo.
On the left are mostly basil varieties and several oregano plants. On the right is the medicinal bed, mostly native plants and a few non-natives.
And Cricket waiting for someone to throw her favorite flying toy. She spends part of her time hunting lizards, which gratefully, she can't catch yet.
So that's what's happening in the garden today. I hope you will enjoy the views.


Betty said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous! Can't wait to see it and you two.

Anonymous said...

your garden is still a favorite of mine.

Brenda/theblondegardener said...

Your gardens are beautiful! I've have several of your books that I have enjoyed over the years. Is your open house open to the public?

Anonymous said...

Maybe i will comment with one word, beautiful or maybe just wonderful. I wish I wasn't so lazy and could garden like this.
I have tried to figure out how I got to your place and have never been able to do so. I may as well have been blindfolded. lol
Take care my friends.

Bianca Scarf said...

You have a huge garden space right there. Well-taken photos, by the way. Overall, your garden is wonderful. Keep up the good work and have a great day ahead. :)