What a Bee Sees

Ever wonder what a bee sees close up? Following here are a bees-eye view of what they see on their daily rounds through the garden. At the bottom of this blog post, you'll find a very brief survey. I hope you'll take my survey and let me know what you like reading here, and what you don't.
Bee on bean blossom.
Nectar from purple salvia tastes different from nectar from basil or bean flowers.
We, luckily, haven't had a killing frost yet (as of November 4) so the bees are still quite active every day. They're making up for time lost in the drought and heat of this summer when few flowers were blooming.
Up close and personal in a clematis flower.
Ever wonder if crepe myrtle flowers have a center? Just ask a bee!
If you click on this photo to enlarge it, you'll see it's almost sticky with nectar.
Obedient plant. Click it to see it up close like a bee.

I'm sure the bee moved on. This is a four-o-clock, inhabited by a spider munching on a fly. Yum.
You may not even realize that in the center of a zinna flower, are lots of little flowers. 
The tiny interior flowers of the green zinnia are less obvious and harder to see.
Tomato flowers, wonder what their nectar tastes like? 
Still, this late in the season, a cucumber beetle hides in the center of a rose.
Dew on a kale leaf. Bees see it as a drink of water.
Now for that survey I mentioned. It's quick, easy, doesn't hurt and I would greatly appreciate your answering my very simple, 5 questions about what you like to see and read here. Just click on the link and answer the quick questions. And thank you! I appreciate the feed back.

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Comfrey Cottages said...

I enjoyed this post, Jim:) I took your survey, but the number 5 question i had to pick one of the 3, so I chose yes please explain more on how to follow, although I do follow already, there wasn't a tic box for that:) Anyway, love your blog:)