Bhut Jolokia, The World's Hottest Pepper

(The photo to the left shows the peppers I'm growing, but none of them are the Bhut Jalokia, yet).

One of the hot new plants this year (ok, it's not new, it's centuries old, but we in the West have just "discovered" it) is the Saga Jalokia. Also known by the names of Naga Jalokia and Bhut Jalokia, this so-called “new” pepper, comes from northeastern Assam, India, near the Equator (where all of the hottest peppers originate around the globe), and is also known by the names, “ghost chile,” and Bhut Jolokia.

The University of Mexico has been testing this new pepper and proved beyond a doubt in 2007 that this was, indeed, the world’s hottest pepper. (In India, according to my friend Puneet, who comes from New Delhi, this pepper is called "tatayyia mirch," which translated from Hindi, is "wasp chili," because he said, it is like having a very big wasp sting your tongue).

To read my complete article about this amazing pepper, and how it will keep elephants from trashing your garden this year, go to my Columns link on my website.


Florita said...

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Anonymous said...

I planted some seeds under a hps light for germination early summer and now they are growing freely outdoors in southern california. I have already harvested some fruit and these are hot, hot, peppers.

wriprest said...

my plants are growing beautifully, but i'm very frustrated because flowers keep popping up, only to wilt and ie, just dropping off at the stem. any advice you can offer?