Anthony's Project

 There are so many things in the world that cause us to shudder or worry, and many of us feel everything is out of control. Well I ran across someone who's making a difference, something positive, one person, one day at a time.

Yesterday I received a call from a new customer in California who had found our Cutting Globes via Google search and had some questions about which ones to order. When I inquired how he was going to use the Globes, he explained his project.

Anthony and his wife live on the outskirts of San Francisco in an apparently quite run-down area. He said he is an avid gardener and he and his wife have been opening up their home after school to several local kids that otherwise would wander the streets. He said the kids range in ages between 5 and 14 years, all come from a difficult home life. A couple of them live under a bridge with their parents, others have parents that are only occasionally around. The couple is very dedicated to making a difference by giving these kids some encouragement, some structure and a safe place to be.

Their goal, he said, is to interest kids in gardening and to give them a safe activity after school. He also mentioned his wife goes to the neighborhood school ground before she goes to work and picks up the used needles, condoms and so forth from the school yard so the children don't have to see those things.

He wound up ordering 2 sets of our Cutting Globes, the Multi-Pack, which includes 3 small, 2 medium and one large Globe. He wants to teach the kids about bonsai, making starts with the Globes from his old Japanese maple tree and showing the kids how to nurture something living. He got excited when I told him the wide range of plants that could be duplicated with the Globes - vines, tomato plants, peppers, shrubs, roses, etc. He said he wished he could afford to buy more but his funds are limited. I sent the 2 packages of  Globes off today with a note that I wasn't charging him because I was so impressed with what he is doing.

I asked him if he minded my telling my blog readers about the project and he said he certainly didn't mind. I said I hoped someone else could donate a couple of  Globes to him.

While I don't think it wise to give out his address publicly, I've simply named it "Anthony's Project". For anyone who wants to go to my website and order any number of Cutting Globes, with the notation "Anthony's Project" we will see he gets them, along with a note who they are from (or you can do it anonymously if you choose).  Here's the link to the Cutting Globes page, with lots of choices. I'd recommend the Multi-Pack, or Large or Medium Globes. I'm sure he would appreciate a bag or two of the Cutting Globe Root Mix, as well.

I want to stress he didn't ask me to do this, he wasn't asking for a hand-out. But in our conversation I understood him to say he had limited funds to buy more, and I heard loud and clear his commitment to the kids and teaching them gardening skills.

Thank you for anything you can do to help.

Cutting Globes make new plant starts in just weeks.

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